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About Anglicare SQ

Anglicare Southern Queensland, formerly Spiritus Care Services cover a diverse range of caring activities drawing together a coalition of affiliated organisations associated with community health, community welfare, social justice and aged care facilities exercised through agencies and parishes throughout Southern Queensland.

The organisation brings together the combined strengths and heritage of Anglican Care of the Aged, Anglicare Southern Queensland and St Luke`s Nursing Service.

Anglicare SQ provides social services ranging from food and material aid to emergency accommodation and care of children and youth at risk. It provides community care services including nursing, personal care, allied health and social support to people living in their own homes, and also operates nine fully accredited Aged Care Facilities in South East Queensland.

Using a holistic approach, we provide caring services for individuals within the context of the whole person, in consideration of their family support, living environment, financial circumstances and physical and emotional needs. Anglicare SQ delivers community care from Cairns to Sydney, helping our clients maintain their independence and live a healthier life in their own homes.

Anglicare SQ partners with people of all ages in their individual growth and development of life sklls, with a wide range of social support programs.

Our Vision: To create a more caring, just and inclusive society consistent with the teachings of Christ.
Our Mission: As a caring ministry of the Anglican Church we will:
„X enrich people¡¦s lives through compassionate service and advocacy for social justice in partnership with communities and parishes;
„X respond with innovation and courage to the needs of our community, especially those most at risk; and
„X demonstrate a passionate and determined commitment to excel as leaders in quality caring service.
Our Values
Dignity: We accept, value, encourage and empower others to pursue their personal goals.
Respect: We exhibit profound respect, integrity and humility in all our relationships.
Care: We demonstrate thoughtful stewardship and take personal responsibility in all we do.
Joy: We actively embrace opportunities to share, and experience, hope and happiness.


GPO Box 421
Brisbane QLD 4001

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