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Your guide to finding the right volunteer opportunity.

Be Inspired

How you can volunteer this International Women’s Day

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second American Supreme Court Justice who fought for women’s rights and gender equality throughout her career in law once said, “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you."

Get your board career started

It’s an idea that percolates in the back of your mind: one day, somehow, you would like to join a board of directors. You’re not quite sure how to get there, but you feel that you could use your skills to positively contribute to an organisation as a board member.

Sharing your creative talents through volunteering

Whilst we may not all be able to write songs like David Bowie or paint like Picasso, at some level, we are all creative. It might be as simple as a knack for capturing the perfect photograph, a flair for flowers, your prowess in the kitchen or perhaps you just have an innate ability to look at things in new and unorthodox ways.

How volunteering experience helped these students secure their dream jobs

Competition in the workforce is tough, and we are having to work harder than ever to differentiate ourselves and attract the attention of recruiters and employers.

Employees using their spare time for good

With the world changing rapidly around us, the desire to help others has never been stronger. The biggest barrier to doing this has commonly been time.

What it means to be a volunteer

Wondering what it is like to volunteer? Volunteering for the first time can seem a bit overwhelming.

Wesley and Jamie’s Story

My wife and I volunteer with Conservation Volunteers Australia, in Townsville. We have been with them for about 2 years, ever since we first arrived in Australia.

Jack’s Story

Birds and my love of the Australian bush have inspired me to be a volunteer for conservation and involved me in many projects over the last two decades.

Penny’s Story

I started being a volunteer in 1995 with a group called Kids camps. I was a street kid living in a youth hostel at the time and had no real direction till one of the youth workers asked if I wanted to help on one of these camps.

Naomi’s Story

On a hot Monday in late February, the SEEK marketing team trekked to Clayton with the goal of using our volunteering day to help our less fortunate neighbours, The Sacred Heart Mission Meals Program in St Kilda.

Margaret’s Story

I’ve spent almost 2.5 years volunteering at the Bendigo Historical Society helping to catalogue their collection. It has been a great experience. There’s no better place to learn about the history of a town or place.

Di’s Story

I decided that a great way to start my volunteering was to apply to St Vincent De Paul’s, a wonderful chain of op-shops that donate to the less fortunate.

Richard’s Story

I volunteer with an organisation called Family Life. Family Life perform a number of benefits to local communities in the Southern Suburbs of Melbourne but in broad strokes they fulfil a commitment to build stronger communities.

Turning volunteering into a career at GC2018

Watch how Nat turned volunteering into a career and worked at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Claudette’s Story

I first started volunteering at the Centre when my children left home and I had retired. The initial decision was made because it was so close to home, but now it has become an integral part of my week.

Emma’s Story

Every year at SEEK we are provided with a volunteer day where we can leave the office and choose to volunteer with an organisation of our choice. Last year, my team chose to volunteer as a group at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the cancer ward.

How to make passion your job

This video tells the story of Michael who worked in insurance for 13 years. Michael then went on to follow his passion and is now the manager of Open Heart International.

You can help change someone’s life

If you’re thinking about volunteering, it can help to understand more about the impact you can have. Volunteers help to deliver critical services to our community that wouldn’t otherwise be delivered.

Not such a dog’s life after all

Life started out nicely enough when I was a puppy. I was a Christmas present – a cute, shaggy thing with floppy ears and lots of energy. My days were full of cuddles, food, sleep and more cuddles. Life was good!

The planet needs us

The biggest danger to the environment is thinking other people will fix it. Rather than waiting for others to ‘fix it’, why not roll up your sleeves and get to work doing your bit to make a difference to our environment?

Friends who volunteer together, stick together

It is an all too common occurrence. It’s July, and you realise you haven’t seen your best friend since February. You both reach for diaries to find a time to get together but between kids’ sport, work trips, holidays and a seemingly endless stream of birthday celebrations, you both realise that the first weekend you both have free isn’t until late October. Yep, October.

How volunteering can advance your career

Verb. Voluncareer – to work for an organisation without payment whilst acquiring relevant professional skills to advance your career.

Carl’s Story

Berry Street asked me if I (along with a small team from ANZ) could assist them with an external review of this process to help inform them whether they were on the right track.

Cameron’s Story

We knew we were signing up for a physical challenge, but we didn’t realise the extent to which it would provide us with a mental challenge, team building experience, and how much we would really contribute to Oxfam.

Brigid’s Story

I wanted to use my work/life experience and skills in a meaningful way to volunteer, so when I found the opportunity on SEEK to provide mentoring to an underprivileged child through the Smith Family, I knew it was the right choice for me.

BlazeAid Bushfire Recovery Effort – volunteer opportunities

The catastrophic scale and devastation wrought by the recent ‘Black Summer’ bushfires are like nothing the world has ever seen. Thirty-three people have lost their lives, 3000 homes destroyed, over a billion wild life killed, 7.7 million hectares burnt, thousands of ancient Aboriginal sites damaged and the country being choked by the worst air quality in the world.

Bill and Maree’s Story

Grandparents Bill and Maree volunteer for Easy Care Gardening one day a week.

Be brave – step out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone – that wonderful place where your tracksuit pants and stained but much-loved Princess Diana commemorative coffee mug are free to roam. A place without hustle or hassle, a place of routine and familiarity.

How you can volunteer from home

Most of us are spending a lot more time at home than we’re used to, and many of us are trying to find new ways to fill our time and remain helpful to our communities. While the majority of face-to-face volunteering opportunities simply aren’t feasible right now, the good news is that there are still plenty of ways in which you can volunteer remotely from home.

Be a part of something special, volunteer at GC2018

Hear from Mark how important volunteering is to his life and how exciting it will be to be a part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Australian Bushfires – how to help those in need

In Australia, we enjoy immense natural beauty – from the lush tropics of the north, to the vast red deserts of the centre, ancient forests, snowy peaks and endless rugged coastline. As our national anthem says, our land really does abound with nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare.

Using your skills to help others during quieter times

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, as the old saying goes. For many who have recently lost their jobs or have been temporarily stood down, that might be easier said than done.