Found 4 Community Service Micro Volunteering, volunteering opportunities in Australia

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  1. Carpet Cleaner - Clyde

    Deep clean the carpet of the Australian Golf Heritage Society Museum following roof leaks

    Community Service
    Micro Volunteering
    Clyde NSW
  2. Market Volunteer

    Are you a friendly person who enjoys working with others? Do you enjoy being involved in community markets? Volunteer required for last Saturday each month to help set-up tables. You will need to feather flags, set-up mini marquees and then pack everything away at end of day.

    Community Service
    Micro Volunteering
    Old Reynella SA
  3. Breakfast Club Assistant

    Hackham West Community Centre provides breakfast for local school children. Volunteers are required to assist with physical activities involved, ie the setting up and serving of breakfast, cleaning, cooking and being able to engage with the children. Ideally, you will have confidence and experience with children aged 5 - 12 years.

    Community Service
    Micro Volunteering
    Hackham West SA
  4. Lead Cook for Cooking Circles Program

    Cooking Circles is seeking volunteers that can share a recipe idea with a small group of people who desire to learn more about cooking. No qualifications required, just a common interest in cooking.

    Community Service
    Micro Volunteering
    Kingston ACT