Found 4 Environment & Conservation volunteering opportunities in Victoria VIC

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  1. Volunteer for the Rainforest!

    Help restore and protect the last rainforest ecosystems! Half of all rainforests of the world were lost in the past fifty years, lets make stand for the remaining forests and protect them for the future.

    Environment & Conservation
    Long Term
    Melbourne VIC
  2. Environment Conservation Support

    We are seeking volunteers to help 'save endangered native wildlife from extinction'. We focus on habit restoration types of activities, seed collection and seedling propagation etc.

    Environment & Conservation
    Long Term
    Little River VIC
  3. Activities - Pet Company Programme -

    Volunteers and their pet to visit frail older people or adults with a disability

    Environment & Conservation
    Long Term
    Flemington VIC
  4. Animal - Puppy Carer for SEDA - Disability/Advocacy

    Care for and train a puppy until 12-18 months of age.

    Environment & Conservation
    Long Term
    Cotham VIC