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Global Ambassador - Personality or Celebrity

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About this opportunity

Are you looking for an opportunity that will allow you to literally save people’s lives and put a smile back into their heart, mind and face again?

Do you know anyone experiencing chronic depression, anxiety, stress, eating or other mental disorders? It’s likely that there is some-one close to you suffering from any of these illnesses, because the amount of mental health disorders is sky-rocking. Having said that, you might not know about them, because of the stigma attached to mental disorders people won’t admit it and 80% wouldn’t even seek help.

Even if these people would seek help, the current medical model is concentrating on teaching them to live with their disorder and mainly uses drugs to reduce the severity of their symptoms. Nobody seems to focus on healing those people for good. And those that actually do help are mostly ignored or suppressed if their therapies compete with the industry.

The Change Your Past Foundation is an Australian community charity that is determined to change all this. We are in the process of collecting all modalities worldwide that actually heal people from their mental disorders, evaluate those modalities and then make the results publicly available (no matter who developed them).

On top, we subsidise or fund the best treatments for those that cannot afford them, because when people experience mental disorders, they often lose their job or the capability to take financial care of themselves and their families.

As our Ambassador you would be very much aligned with our purpose. Your time commitment would be little. We expect you to be present only at major events and that you integrate the promotion of our course into your public life in a way that fulfils your desire to make a difference.

We don’t need to point out the responsibility that comes with this position, the trust we would place in you. Essentially, we, you and our organisation, want to be measured by how many lives we improve and save. Together, every-one achieves more!

Geographic location isn’t important to us. You don’t need to be based in Victoria or Australia for that matter. It would be a Plus though, if you have a global profile as we have a global vision.

So if you have the passion and the desire to create a beautiful legacy, then get in touch.

Additional requirements

National Police Certificate *.

* May be arranged via the Organisation. Details to be provided on expression of interest.
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  • Skilled Volunteer