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St Johns Youth Services

In 2010 St John’s was appointed to provide the first service based on the foyer model in South Australia. Located in Port Adelaide the Ladder St Vincent Street program was opened in January 2011. Ladder will provide apartment based accommodation to 23 homeless young people who wish to re-engage with education, or seek training and employment opportunities. Specialised services and programs will be provided by our service partners , mentoring from the AFL Players Ladder program, tenancy management by Housing SA, and funding via the Department for Families and Communities. Each year over 1,000 referrals are received by St John’s Youth Services. The organisation has accommodated over 7,500 individual young people, and almost 1,000 small dependent children. Some of these young people stayed in the services only once, but over half return within three months, and there are many who face such overwhelming barriers that the services provided by St John’s become their de-facto family as they become trapped in the cycle of homelessness. Those facing the biggest challenges will return to the emergency services multiple times over several years. Over the years St John’s has built a reputation as an organisation that continues to strive to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged young people in our community. Most of the young people who come to St Johns have no family support, and are excluded from opportunities most in our community take for granted – a home, an education and work.