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International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited (iCARE)

Logo for International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited (iCARE)

International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited (‘iCARE’) is an Australian charity. Established in 1982, we raise funds from across Australia to support education projects in disadvantaged communities in Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand and Uganda. The projects we support aim to: (a) help more women, children and youth in disadvantage communities to receive an education; (b) help schools in these communities to improve the quality of education they provide; (c) help students in these communities to reach their full potential at school; and (d) help improve livelihoods in these communities. Our local NGO partners implement the projects while we oversee implementation to ensure accountability, risk management and quality control. Since its inception, iCARE has benefitted over 15,000 women, children and youth. We have helped to transform for the better the lives of people like Dorothy Nalwadda in Uganda and Princess Michalla Bautista in the Philippines, as well as improve schools like the Piave Youth Polytechnic in Kenya and the Neelbagh School in India (see our website for their stories). We are registered with the Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit Commission (‘ACNC’) and accredited to the Australian Council for International Development (‘ACFID’). Accordingly, we adhere to the principles and high operating standards which apply to the ACNC and ACFID. While relatively small, we punch above our weight and pride ourselves in being a quiet achiever. We would not have survived over 30 years without doing good work!