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Lupus Foundation

Logo for Lupus Foundation

Lupus Foundation is a community based, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation, endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). The organisation receives no state or federal funding relying heavily on the kindness of people to donate. Our FREE online membership allows us to provide information, support and advice on a daily basis and produce a FREE half yearly newsletter called, 'Lupus ‘The Wolf Within’. Our primary objective is to provide FREE access to quality care and support, as many with lupus have been financially crippled by this devastating disease. OUR MISSION Leading the way in lupus health care by providing quality care and service for people living with lupus and its brutal, unpredictable impact. LUPUS FOUNDATION'S PURPOSES: SUPPORT providing support and information to people with lupus, their families, carers and friends; EDUCATE healthcare professionals in the early detection and management of lupus; translate the latest research findings into practical health and lifestyle choices to sustain overall health and well-being for people living with lupus; RESEARCH researching and analysing the latest trial drugs and lupus research; working together with lupus researchers and conducting our own research in the hope of finding better treatment with the ultimate goal of finding a cure; AWARENESS creating public awareness to increase early detection in the hope of saving lives and raising revenue/funds for lupus research.