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Autism Health & Well Being Association

The Autism Health & Well Being (AHWB) Association Incorporated, a not-for-profit charity, was established in December 2015. This hardworking charity is meeting the needs of the autism community by: 1. “Autism Friendly Place” (AFP) program We carry out training at retail stores, cafes and other businesses on what autism means and what the business can do to be “Autism Friendly”. Certification is then given and we continue to work with stores to coach and assist so they can remain certified. 2. Autism Health & Well Being Employment Service We help find jobs for teenagers and adults with autism. The people we help can be non-verbal (hardly talk at all), may stim (rock back and forth or flap their hands) and can be people who have never had a job and cannot connect with employers during job interviews. 3. The Autism Health & Well Being (AHWB) Expos People with autism, their carers and the wider community have access to social, clinical and natural therapy services at the Expo. We aim to run the Expo’s in every Australian state and territory so as many Australians as possible can have access to this important event. 4. Autism Health & Well Being Centres Our long term goal is to establish a “one-stop-shop” drop-in Autism Health & Well Being Centre in every Australian capital city. Information on services for people with autism, their carers, educators and the wider community will be available at these centres, along with workshops, therapy services and carer support.