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Colosoul Group Inc.

  • Location: Subiaco, WA
  • Category: Arts & Culture
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    241 Hay Street
    Subiaco WA 6008

    via GoVolunteer

The Colosoul Group Inc. begun in 2005 as a response to the growing need for hands on youth participation within the Arts and Media industry. With the difficulty of attaining the right skill development due to the lack of mentorship available Colosoul opened its doors to youths from the ages of 13-25 years old. Colosoul over the years has helped hundreds of youths to find a pathway that best suits the individual giving them guidance, encouraging self confidence and empowering them.

Colosoul enables youths to be expressive though the arts whilst mentoring them within business, marketing and leadership. We also pride ourselves in building our social enterprises alongside our mentorship programs, encouraging small business initiatives. These unique facets of the organisation means Colosoul is able to support the ever growing ideas of those involved and it is exactly how Colosoul has evolved over the years.

With many success stories, the importance of the Colosoul group is integral to hundreds of youths. As a not for profit media and arts organisation we realise the potential of those who are either graduates, non-graduates, those who come from struggling backgrounds, ethic groups and indigenous youths.