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Design Tasmania is a state wide not for profit organisation that promotes design as a discipline with a focus on artisan designer makers, micro businesses and professional designers. Design Tasmania’s main objective is to engage its stakeholders in the benefits of design to enterprises, the community and individuals. Design Tasmania provides a platform that informs, educates and exposes the community about the value of design, high end craft and artisan skills in Tasmania. We do this through the delivery of exhibitions, workshops, retreats, symposiums and our retail outlet. Design Tasmania’s artistic vibrancy is about promoting and supporting Tasmanian design at a local national and international level. This is articulated through our professional development program, seasonal exhibitions and retail outlet. For us we aim to create a vibrant and engaged design community that responds to particular issues such as; sustainable resources, creativity, material exploration, artisan skills, as well as tacit benefits to emotional, psychological, and social/cultural wellbeing of individuals and the community. The organisation translates this vision into unique Tasmanian experiences such as the Design Camp, Women in Design and the Tasmanian Design Award that enable collaboration/networking, capacity to engage audiences and build meaningful relationships. Design Tasmania tracks these programs through program surveys and individual interviews with participants. We are also able to observe the sales of individual items in our retail store that reflect consumer sentiment and relay this back to individual makers. Our legacy will be to create a vibrant and engaged design community that is distinctive and recognised around the world as a leader in design, with responsible use of materials and beautiful craftsmanship.

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