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Transport Heritage NSW

Logo for Transport Heritage NSW

Transport Heritage NSW Ltd (THNSW) is a not-for-profit Company limited by guarantee. THNSW is a member- and volunteer-based organisation. Our vision is to bring transport heritage to life. We deliver on our vision, mission and long-term goals through: • Operating two museums and heritage passenger train services under the banner of our NSW Rail Museum; • Partnering with kindred organisations in the delivery of experiences and events; • Managing eleven heritage sites and collection items across NSW in collaboration with custodial groups; and • Providing key support services to the wider heritage transport sector within NSW. THNSW partners with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and is part funded by TfNSW in recognition of the community value of the transport heritage portfolio for the people of NSW. THNSW works closely with TfNSW to make sure funds are properly accounted for and appropriately spent and that THNSW provides value for money. THNSW is also pursuing its own opportunities to generate further revenues to fund priorities and heritage activities.