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Logo for Somos21

Somos21 is a social enterprise promoting greater connection and collaboration between professionals across Australia and Latin America. Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for personal, professional and social impact across Australian and Latin America. Our mission is to empower members of our global community to create value by connecting, engaging and collaborating through our trusted networks and platforms. Somos21 seeks to deliver impact across 3 key spheres: Personal - Strong personal relationships and a sense of belonging and purpose at an individual level. Professional - Strong human capital, trade and investment flows between Australia and Latin America. Social - Social and economic development in disadvantaged communities of Australia and Latin America. To achieve our desired impact, we focus on 5 key areas: Connection, Growth and Opportunity - Providing a collaborative environment to generate ideas, action and opportunities. Repositioning and Awareness - Raising the profile of Latin America as a source and destination region for talented professionals. Advocacy - Being a trusted representative for our members to government and industry. Social Impact - Proactively promoting and driving opportunities for social enterprise Financial Sustainability - Generating sufficient revenues to support the ongoing growth of our network and activities