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Australian Senior Computers Club Association (ASCCA)

ASCCA stands for Australian Senior Computers Club Association. ASCCA is the national peak body for seniors and technology. Our mission is to assist clubs to educate older Australians, including where possible those with disabilities, in using technology to enrich their lives and make them more self-reliant. We bridge the generation gap and assist seniors to benefit the community through their collective experience and knowledge. ASCCA supports and encourages seniors to take advantage of modern information technology to meet their individual needs and to help equip them for further challenges which could arise from the advancement of technology. We endeavour to empower seniors to become computer literate at their own pace, in a friendly non-threatening environment and to have fun while doing so. ASCCA has become a catalyst to enthuse, encourage, empower and assist seniors to explore computer technology. In the 21st century information technology includes not just computers, but also tablets mobile phones, webcams, iPads and many other emerging technologies. ASCCA undertakes projects to support IT for Seniors by organising forums expos, seminars, and training workshops. ASCCA develops training material for use by clubs, creates manuals and provides assistance on club governance. ASCCA also organises and runs an annual two day conference, open to seniors and those who work with seniors, where many areas of information technology, communication issues and topics of interest are covered. ASCCA acts, when and where possible, as a collective voice with federal, state and local governments in furthering the services, benefits and facilities for member clubs. ASCCA negotiates with suppliers of services and material goods to make available those services and goods under the best possible terms and conditions to ASCCA club members.