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Bawley Point Rural Fire Brigade

Logo for Bawley Point Rural Fire Brigade

Bawley Point Rural Fire Brigade is a part of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), which is the world's largest volunteer fire service. Our volunteer members provide fire and emergency services to Bawley Point and the surrounding communities and volunteers. We attend a range of incidents and activities such as: Bush and grass fires House and structure fires Storm damage Search and rescue Motor vehicle accidents Community education Bush fire mitigation. As a volunteer organisation we provide a community-based fire and emergency service designed to protect the community and our environment and to minimise the impact of fire and other emergencies through training, community education, prevention and operational capability. Things to consider before applying to become an a volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS): Volunteering to serve in the RFS is an important, valuable and essential contribution from all members of our community, that is about helping to protect your neighbours, friends, family and many others besides. But, your first consideration must always be “time”. While good intentions are always behind becoming a volunteer it's important to know your own limitations – especially timewise. Today’s world makes it far too easy to overextend ourselves and experience a loss of interest and good intent. I am not trying to discourage anyone from volunteering, but it is a fact that many who do volunteer never consider their own limitations, especially when it comes to dedicating the time. However, if you know you have the time and the inclination to volunteer and join the RFS (even if you cannot fight fires for any reason) your local brigades can certainly use your services elsewhere and the community will still value your contribution. To make an application, simply contact your local rural fire brigade, or if you would like more information on what it is all about, you can contact the RFS via there website, simple by doing a Google search under "RFS". Once have received, completed and submitted your application form through your local brigade you will be invited to attend an interview with representatives of the brigade that you are seeking to join. You will need to bring along 100 points of identification (such as Birth Certificate [50 Points], Passport [50 points], Driver’s License [60 points]), to your interview. The interview will cover the types of things you can expect as a volunteer of the NSW RFS, what your voluntary interest is, how you will contribute and be involved and what the NSW RFS expects from its volunteer members, including understanding your obligations under our Code of Conduct. Because our volunteers hold a high level of trust and respect within the community, it is important that the NSW RFS make an assessment about your suitability for membership. Background checks are therefore an important step in this process, and a criminal history check will be conducted after your application form is completed and your interview has been conducted. Once your application for membership is accepted, you will be become a probationary member of the brigade for a minimum period of six months. During that time you can undertake some activities and training and at the end of the probationary period your brigade will vote on whether to accept you as an ordinary member of the brigade.