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Australian Association of Environmental Education - Bringing Back the Butterflies Project

Logo for Australian Association of Environmental Education - Bringing Back the Butterflies Project

Bringing Back the Butterflies (BBB) is an Adelaide SA based hands on education project designed to connect people with their local biodiversity. Butterflies, along with all other living things, need habitat and our native butterflies evolved to rely on local plants. BBB works with residents, groups, organisations and businesses to reestablish gardens suitable for our butterflies in public view that become part of 'urban nature trails'. Everyone loves butterflies but few South Australians realise that we have over 40 local species. Establishing a native butterfly garden provides an opportunity to learn how our local natural systems work and how to repair some of the damage that we've done. These gardens also provide habitat for birds and lots of other creatures that are part of healthy ecosystems. BBB educates participants about their local biodiversity and how to improve it. This education can lead to a deeper understanding or urban, rural and wild environments and how to make them sustainable. "Education for Sustainability" is the primary objective of the Australian Association for Environmental Education and BBB is the SA project designed to introduce it with immediate, practical application. BBB has established butterfly gardens at over 40 sites in just over 12 months at schools, community centres, churches, cafes and private residences across Adelaide. These sites create habitat for butterfies, opportunities for community connection and exchange while building better human habitat. BBB has a growing network of participants who garden, propagate, plant, observe, tell their stories and help us build this citizen science project. Together, we're building a movement supporting biodiversity, sustainability, education and better communities and we want everyone to be part of it