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Amelie Housing

Amélie Housing was established in NSW by the Society of St Vincent de Paul (Society) in 2012 as a special purpose community housing development and management subsidiary company to complement the activities of the Society in providing charitable services to disadvantaged members of Australian society. It is a Registered Tier 2 Community Housing Provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. Amélie seeks to “bring hope through housing” to those who are disenfranchised in our society as a consequence of the lack of safe, secure and affordable housing. Since its establishment in NSW the housing initiatives of the Society in other States have been working together to consider the impact they might have by joining together under a national umbrella organisation. In 2015 both Frederic Ozanam Housing in South Australia and the Society’s Housing Program in the Australian Capital Territory agreed to merge their housing operations with Amélie Housing to form a National Community Housing Provider under the umbrella of Amélie Housing.