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Sea Turtle Foundation Ltd

Logo for Sea Turtle Foundation Ltd

Sea Turtle Foundation Ltd is a non-profit, non-government organisation based in north Queensland working to protect sea turtles by providing support for turtle research and rehabilitation, and by educating the community. Turtles face many threats around the world from changes in climate, loss of nesting habitat, increased ocean pollution, and deliberate and accidental deaths caused by fishing activities. These factors combine to push many of the world's populations of sea turtles toward extinction. Sea Turtle Foundation is working to ensure “turtles for tomorrow”. Sea Turtle Foundation takes action to protect sea turtles, such as responding to stranded turtle calls, raising alerts over potential impacts and ensuring authorities are aware when their activities are harmful to sea turtles. Community members can make a real difference by supporting Sea Turtle Foundation’s projects and by making small changes at home and work that can make a real difference. Current action projects include: RESEARCH Nesting Monitoring at AIMS Beach (Townsville, QLD) Cleveland Bay Acoustic Tracking (Townsville, QLD) ACTION Townsville Powerboat Race – Powerful boats at high-speed overgrazing turtles feeding on the valuable seagrass beds and the dugong protection area in Cleveland Bay is not a good mix.