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ASCI is a not-for-profit Institute that was established to: (a) create professionalism of the Supply Chain Industries in Australasia; (b) provide an extensive value proposition to the Supply Chain Industries through a wide range of professional development services to its members, including organising and conducting courses of education designed to provide a practical understanding of the principles of supply chain management, and other matters relevant to the expansion of knowledge in the manufacturing, distribution and services industries, and other activities leading to the realisation of the goals of ASCI; (c) ensure that the offerings are of a high standard so that they meet accreditation requirements of the relevant accreditation authority at the time; (d) promote the interests of those involved in the Supply Chain Industries on a national and international basis; (e) promote the collective knowledge and experience of those in the Supply Chain Industries; (f) co-operate with other people or associations in promoting matters beneficial to the Supply Chain Industry and its participants;