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About ABRISA ABRISA was founded on 9 December 2002. It emerged from a study on “The Culture of Care to Women’s Health Brazilian Immigrants in Australia”, developed in Melbourne. This study consisted of interviews and local groups with Brazilian women, from July 2002 to February 2003. Based on the interviews, a list of needs emerged. From the discussions with the participants, meetings were held once a month in the various homes. The purpose of the meetings was to create a space for reflection on the causes and solutions of the problems encountered, among which stood out: 1) lack of interaction between members of the Brazilian community and integration into Australian society; 2) lack of social support to deal with health problems, including depression, panic attacks, cancer, asthma; and 3) socio-cultural, economic and political access to Australian health services. In interviews, emerged as a possible solution the creation of a Brazilian association. The group of women decided to become proactive and create an association. This association aims to support members of the Brazilian community and the Portuguese language, new arrivals in Australia as well as those (as) already in the country. Our Goals Provide information to members of the Brazilian community and Portuguese, newcomers in Australia, minimizing the shock of transition. Encourage and support the socio-cultural integration of members of the Brazilian community and Portuguese language in Australian society. Working in connection with Australian institutions, helping and instructing newly arrived immigrants in the use of services such as English courses, health care and more. Promote the values ??of Brazilian culture, encouraging the integration of the community through social events. Promote health and well being of members of the Brazilian community and Portuguese, providing resources to prevent health problems. Working with several projects focusing on priority areas such as information, health and education.