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Inspired Minds Australia

The objects of the Association are: a) to identify and fund research that offers patients accelerated access to promising new treatments of neurological conditions and support the creation and implementation of a collaborative, international and multi-discipline research community; b) to subsidise patients’ access to promising new treatments; assist patients with funding to help improve their health through other clinical advances. Educate Professionals and general public providing training for health professionals including the most recent developments in best practice for diagnosing, treating and/or managing illness. Provide education seminars to the general public and professionals, in related fields, regarding the advances in causality, diagnosis, treatment and, research of neurological disorders; and c) the formation, development and operation of educational centres for children with neurological conditions across Australia. Including such conditions as Autism, ADHD and Global Developmental Delay, and to provide a trans-disciplinary approach where therapists work with special education staff in a collaborative team-developing individual programs specific to each child's needs and abilities.