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Federation of Equatoria Community Association in Australia

Logo for Federation of Equatoria Community Association in Australia

Federation of Equatoria Community Association in Australia Inc (FECAA) is the peak national body representing Equatoria Communities in Australia from South Sudan. We come from an area of linguistically diverse backgrounds, covering 36 different ethics tribes. We also come from an area of conflict and great hardship and have moved to Australia to start a new life. FECAA’s community capacity building is driven by an inclusive and collaborative approach which focuses on establishing and strengthening partnerships with reputable service providers to foster leadership, education and training via community grassroots programs. We also work with specialist services to address the impacts of war and violence on community members and children to prevent or minimize the impacts of torture and trauma.FECAA incorporated in 2017 following the first conference held in South Australia in South Australia in 2012 and subsequent conference held in NSW at Black Town 2016. The conference was a starting point, from then FECAA adopted its current constitution, and governing framework. Currently, we operate under the executives, board members, directors, Chief Executive Officer and the president under a model which is very unique. Our vision is to build a strong, united, vibrant and progressive South Sudanese Equatoria Community in Australia.