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Armadale Kalamunda Group

Our Vision - Delivering excellent health care for a healthier community. Every day we are called to live-out our Values in the workplace This means: Accountability: Our actions reflect who we are. Respect: The way we treat people should be a reflection on how we want people to treat us. Teamwork: Our successes and achievements are a result of working together, not the actions of an individual. Professionalism: How we conduct ourselves must be without question. Kindness: The way we treat each other, including those in our care, is a reflection on the whole organisation. We all have a role to play in demonstrating our Values As part of developing our Values, staff were consulted, helping to shape how we expect each other to behave in the workplace. This means we all have a role to play in demonstrating our Values in practical and meaningful ways – to each other, our patients and the community. Going the Extra Mile Do you work with someone who lives out our values and deserves to be recognised for going the extra mile in contributing to the services AKG provides to the community? If so, take a moment to nominate them online for the Extra Mile monthly staff recognition award. They may be the next Extra Mile winner. Our Values belong to you When we demonstrate our Values we are helping to shape the culture of our hospitals. Inspire others by telling us what demonstrating our Values means to you or your team.