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Perfect Pets

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Perfect Pets is led by a mission to run a successful business ethically, while also giving back. We do this in three main ways: 1. We support ethical breeders and responsible pet ownership. The Perfect Pets website is a free platform that provides pet lovers with the information and support services they need to care for their pets. We believe in the power of educating pet lovers and connecting them with ethical breeders and pet-related businesses. Our services are playing a pivotal role in creating a better future for pets and people, where animal welfare is the highest priority. 2. We donate 50% of our annual profits. We are a contribution based, profit for purpose enterprise. This means we believe in running an ethical business as well as giving back. 50% of our annual profits go to helping support animal welfare initiatives, rescue groups, and wildlife conservation. On top of this, we run paid social media campaigns that have reached 1.8 million people to help these groups promote their message to the world. 3. We help run a food donation program Perfect Pets is proud to partner with The Petbarn Foundation, which was established in 2012 to enrich the lives of pets, animals and the people who love and need them. Together, we are assisting with the monthly distribution of pet food and supplies to rescues and shelters in need. By reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the cost of feeding at-risk pets, shelters can direct their resources to other necessities like vet care and rescue efforts.