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ALLKND™ Mental Health Charity

ALLKND is the go-to Aussie mental health promotion charity for equipping youth with mental health literacy. Built with you, your mate, your sibling in mind, our Avenger-like team of psychologists and experts have fused evidence-based research (the nerdy stuff) with relatable conversation (memes) to arm you with the knowledge and skills required for peer-to-peer mental health support, crisis or not. We're on a mission to impact 1 million and 1 of you and reduce youth mental illness-related fatalities one brave human at a time. We've got snacks! And a therapy pup called Evie! We're home to a couple cool (effective) cats (programs) you might already know: GRLKND: your favourite community program advancing self-belief, compassion and mental health literacy in female-identifying youth. Brain Pilot: a subsidised, digital, curriculum-friendly, peer-to-peer mental health first aid program founded on the latest evidence-based research, curated specifically for Year 10-12 students.

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