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Australian Volunteer Coast Guard

Coast Guard plays an extremely important role in the safety of mariners around our vast Australian coastline, far out to sea, and in many of our inland waterways. Each year Coast Guard volunteers perform thousands of activations. Rescues range from assisting sinking vessels, vessels with flat batteries and other mechanical problems, vessels that have run aground and often towing these disabled vessels back to safe harbour. As well, when emergencies arise, Coast Guard is often called upon to perform Medivac responses to hard to reach islands and beachs and to provide crucial search and rescue functions for persons who may be lost or missing at sea or in other waterways. Our vessels must be maintained to commercial standards and be ready to respond 24 hours per day, every single day of the year. This takes a great deal of dedication from our volunteers to fundraise the money needed to keep these vessels ready to respond at any time. Coast Guard also maintains radio safety watches along many parts of the coastline and some inland waterways on VHF, 27MHz and HF frequencies with weather reports available on request.