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Avivo that takes pride in building and keeping close relationships with the people we work with. We're committed to people living as valued citizens, making their own decisions, developing their abilities, and growing in their relationships. Avivo offers a range of Shared Living support options where an Avivo customer shares a home with the person who provides them with support. This can either be the customer’s home or the support person’s home. Shared Living support arrangements are not defined or constrained by ‘hours of support’. Rather the support is provided in a natural and flexible way, interwoven into everyday life. This means support may be much more flexible and responsive to the Customer’s needs. Through sharing a home and lives in Shared Living arrangements, the level of personal investment by the Customer and Support Person is generally much greater than in standard support arrangements. As a result, when Shared Living works well, it can have far-reaching positive outcomes for Customers. Both the Customers and Support Person can experience an enhanced sense of belonging and security, and enriched relationship networks and life experiences.