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Hearts Of Purple was founded in 2017 after the brutal murder of Teresa Bradford. Teresa’s ex husband David Bradford, broke into her house during the early hours of January 31st 2017 where Teresa and their four children were sleeping. He left their four children as orphans after murdering Teresa, and then committed suicide. After assisting the children and family of Teresa through the months, it was noted by community members that there were many holes within the current system which needed to be fixed to ensure the lives of other victims of domestic violence were kept safe and alive. It was then that not for profit Hearts Of Purple was formed with a dedicated volunteer committee from various walks of life, and various personal stories of abuse and growth after escaping. We know that domestic violence mainly occurs behind closed doors and therefore we will assist both male and female as well as children who are at an extreme high risk of being hurt, maimed or taken from our world to escape quickly, safely and possibly with some personal possessions. We will also assist those in Crisis Situations with each case being determined by all Hearts Of Purple Committee members and our Specialist Assessment Team.

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