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Women Can International Inc

Logo for Women Can International Inc

Women Can International Inc (WCI) is an inspiring and empowering women’s organisation that helps women find and take the next step in their life journey. For some women that may be a small step and for others it may be a giant leap of faith. Women Can operates from a model where members are encouraged to participate, including contributing their time, knowledge and expertise to benefit the women in the collective and the community at large. The formation of mutually beneficial giving circles and relationships that build the capacity of each member are encouraged. From our experiences we have identified that some women are looking for mentoring, whilst others have wisdom to share. Women Can seeks to bring together women willing to share their life experiences and knowledge to enable connected communities where women can flourish. Women Can has four main program streams to enhance women’s life experiences and strengthen their connections. These are in alignment with the Women Can I-C-A-N model and includes: INSPIRING Women of Influence Awards Program – an annual recognition program for women who are demonstrating leadership that is inspirational and influential. CONNECTING The Girlfriend Club – a monthly social club that serves as a point of connection for members and their guests. It also includes an annual retreat where women can unwind and reconnect their spirits. ADVANCING Women of Spirit Personal Challenge Quest Program – an opportunity for women to complete a personal challenge with the support of the members. It also offers a vehicle for social change and education through our Women Speak Out Forums. NURTURING Women Can Mentoring Programs – an opportunity for women to nurture their souls through exploration of their identity, voice and passion. Women Can seeks to support women as they explore their opportunities, discover their strengths and make plans for the future. It offers women opportunities for education, social connection, a platform to speak out on issues of concern and the opportunity for personal development and self-discovery.