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Achieve Foundation

The Achieve Foundation was established in 2021 to foster greater disability philanthropy to support research and innovation that will remove barriers to inclusion for people with disability. Our work The Achieve Foundation funds and participates in research and innovation designed to remove barriers to inclusion for people with disability. The Foundation wants people with disability to experience belonging and is focused on 2 key drivers of inclusion : Housing and supports for people with complex disabilities This is transformational work. It involves thinking across the lifecycle from supporting parents at key transition points, to redesigning and resourcing support roles, to nurturing aspiration in people with complex disabilities. The foundation is seeking to understand how homes are linked to communities and what we need to do to ensure that both are spaces of welcome and belonging. Shifting community attitudes about people with disability In partnership with people with disability and other key stakeholders, the Foundation is starting its work with a focus on cognitive disability. The Foundation is currently working with world experts in identifying and influencing mindsets and societal attitudes.