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Australian Institute of International Affairs

Founded from 1924 as state-based branches of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or Chatham House, and then federalised as the Australian Institute of International Affairs in 1933, the AIIA is Australia’s longest-existing private research institute on politics and international relations. Its mission is to help Australians know, understand, and engage more in international affairs. It does this through an extremely active nationwide and international agenda, grounded in principles of political neutrality and open debate. While its staff may express opinions of their own, the institute itself is precluded by its constitution from maintaining a political position on international affairs. The AIIA holds more than 150 events across the country each year. Most of these are now accessible online, both live and as recordings. These events range from intimate discussions and workshops, to large lectures, conferences, and seminars which provides forums for debate. Throughout its history the AIIA has been