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Australian Council of Women Affairs

Logo for Australian Council of Women Affairs

Australian Council of Women Affairs (ACWA) Inc is a charitable, not-for-profit, Public Benevolent Organisation with collaborative community initiatives to assist disadvantaged community members from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds with specific focus on Middle Eastern and North African origins. ACWA is an incorporated Association (Inc. No. INC3454138), established in 1999 by a group of educated, working women who decided they wanted to give back to their community. VISION & MISSION • Aim to build self confidence & empowerment skills; • Support people with intellectual disabilities & help them integrate & participate in their community; • Help carers of people with disabilities in their caring roles to support them & give them a break; • Embark on projects that will focus on building skills; giving career directions & helping new migrants feel a sense of connection by being productive, useful members; • Help refugees & new migrants integrate into Australian Society & learn to become self-sufficient; • Provide community support to those in need; • Provide support for training, skill building & employment activities; • Entice & train youth to become actively involved in their community to strengthen community capacity through voluntarism; • Bridge the gap between old and young generations; • Social inclusion to combat isolation; • Create a social network environment for women to improve English Skills & confidence; MY HOME DISABILITY SERVICES • Our focus is positive outcomes for people with disabilities, such as increased independence, achieving personal goals, new opportunities for learning and inclusion in the community. • Our services are provided in a home like surrounding to encourage skills that enhance independence. We provide assistance to meet one’s individual, cultural and religious needs. • We encourage health and well being through healthy eating guidelines and supervised physical activities.