Meals @ the Bridge Lifeline Inc

Melbourne, VIC Homeless
Ph: 0402252041 Fax: 0398365973

About Meals @ the Bridge Lifeline Inc

Meals at the Bridge Lifeline Inc. is a registered Not-for-profit dedicated to serving Australia’s homeless, marginalised and socially disadvantaged persons. We strongly believe in finding a solution to homelessness & the social problems caused by addictions & long term unemployment - especially youth-at-risk. Instead of offering people temporary shelter or giving them handouts we seek to provide a long-term solution - one that restores self-esteem, offers hope, care and a future. This is located in a farming residential community near Wodonga, where meaningful work, education & training is the main catalyst to the restoration of broken lives. The residents are involved in all aspects of the social enterprise businesses established there.


74 Rebecca Walk, Batman Park
Melbourne VIC 3000

Local VRC: GoVolunteer