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Dialysis Escape Line Australia

Dialysis Escape Line Australia (DELA) was established in 1998 by Nancy Douglas-Irving OAM and Enzo Scipioni OAM, who together have experienced a total of almost 20 years of dialysis for kidney failure. Dialysis involves 4-5 hours of treatment, 3-5 times a week, every week and inevitably places restrictions on a normal lifestyle. Indeed, travel and a holiday away from home can seem impossible! This is especially true given that not all dialysis units can accommodate visiting patients and those that do may require a booking up to a year in advance -- which even then, may still be cancelled. In addition, some patients simply lack the confidence to leave the perceived 'safety' of their regular dialysis unit. As such, dialysis can be a very isolating experience, for both the patient and their partner. In establishing DELA, Nancy and Enzo set out to address this restricted lifestyle by setting up temporary dialysis units at resorts and even on cruise ships to allow patients a holiday, without the inevitable difficulties and stressful experience of organising treatment away from home. Our mission is "to provide opportunities for dialysis patients".