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Paediatric Nursing Services Ltd

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Paediatric Nursing Services Limited (by Guarantee) is a Not-for-Profit and Registered Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status for enhancing health, a Charity License and registered with the ACNC and ASIC. Paediatric Nursing Services cluster vertical and lateral approaches of: • Holistic Health Dimensions, • Holistic Disability Services and • Holistic Allied Health service delivery of: Clinical, Medical, Allied Health, Prevention, Intervention, and learning disciplinarians Paediatric Nursing Services focus on the relationship between chronic diseases and associated disabilities and analyses the modifiable risk and protective factors shared by these conditions e.g. • Behavioral • Psychosocial • Biomedical The Paediatric Nursing Service delivery areas are: • The PNS Clinic, Unit 2/895A Beaufort Street, Inglewood, WA • At Schools • In Hospitals • At home Model of support: • Individual: one (1) supporting staff member per one (1) individual and when necessary, two supporting staff members per one (1) individual. • Shared activities: where active support provided to two (2) individuals by an individual support worker. (Where individual support is required for an individual to participate in a shared activity the individual rate will apply). • Group activities: where activity has a ratio of three (3) individuals to one active support staff member