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Adults Surviving Child Abuse

ASCA is a specialist national Australian organisation. It advocates, builds and delivers supports to facilitate recovery with and for people, families and communities affected by childhood trauma and abuse. Childhood trauma directly affects an estimated 5 million adult Australians. It also affects their family, including their children and their communities. Research shows that when survivors receive the right help, recovery is possible. And that when survivors who are parents receive the right support the intergenerational impacts of childhood trauma can be intercepted. It is a time for hope and optimism. ASCA is the thought and practice leader in the field of complex trauma. It provides professional support, information, resources, education and training programs, as well as a trauma-informed approach to care to improve the lives of adults traumatised and abused as children. Every year on Blue Knot Day, ASCA's national awareness day, help on the last Monday in October, ASCA asks all Australians to unite in support of adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse.