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Refugee Asylum Seeker Partnership Team members

Land of Welcome Australia
Logo for Land of Welcome Australia

At Land Of Welcome we work to achieve a society where we all belong and benefit.

Myself, as president during my three years of running monthly picnics with Atherton Gardens locals have been lucky enough to be called brother, family, and to be told that I belong. I know that both I and our members want to treasure such trust and enjoy friendships with larger and larger numbers within culturally-diverse communities.

Build a more compassionate society really matters to us as it also matters to culturally diverse Australians.

Land of Welcome specific progressive goals:

  1. Connect with members of ethnic Australian communities who would like to assist us with our community-building asylum-seeker fundraiser strategy.
  2. Discover the life and positive values of their local communities around Australia
  3. Learn from some key aspects of their rich cultural background that are a source of pride for them and in reverse what they see as desirable in the Australian culture.
  4. Help build a supportive online audience of people whom we can invite to donate money to help support aspiring new Australians on temporary protection visas.
  5. Work with them to assist them with any online project they may have
  6. Invite people to donate funds to organisations providing money to asylum seekers living in the community.