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Computer Tutor/Mentor

Brisbane Seniors OnLine

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BSOL provides Seniors aged over 50 in the Greater Brisbane area with computer and electronic device training.

The venue and time for the mentoring will be at times agreed to between mentor and learner. All mentoring is undertaken on a face to face basis. Typically mentoring is undertaken at the learner's home, and normally on weekdays. Sometimes the learner may wish to use a local library or another mutually agreed venue.

Learners typically want to learn the basic operation of their devices so an in depth knowledge of operating systems is not required. Our Mentor Support system is available to help Mentors with areas they may not have experience. Mentors and Learners are matched from the start to ensure learner capabilities can be met.

Mentors should be able to communicate comfortably with their learner. Kindness, Patience, Empathy, Generosity & Flexibility are key features of a good Mentor. As volunteers you are free to mentor as many or as few Learners that you feel comfortable handling.

Because of the greater vulnerability of our older citizens you will be asked to provide evidence that you have been vaccinated against the COVID 19 virus.

All potential mentors will be required to undertake a basic Induction before they mentor any of our Learners.