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Various Positions - Willunga and Districts Basketball Association Volunteers

Willunga Recreation Park Inc

The Basketball Association offers volunteering opportunities in: advertising fundraising

  • small administration tasks
  • management Available at present are the roles of President, Vice President and Treasurer.

PRESIDENT Preside at all Club meetings and direct where necessary Prepare a Presidents report for presentation at the Annual General Meeting Ensure all committees are run in an efficient, correct & appropriate manner Sign the Minutes of Meetings once they have been accepted by all committee members as a true and accurate account Liaise with TBI Responsible to hand over all information and be accessible to assist incoming President to ensure smooth handover.

PRESIDENT QUALITIES The President is the principal leader and has overall responsibility for the Club’s administration. The President controls the discussions that take place during management Committee meetings. To do this they should give direction without being dictatorial or biased. An effective President is: • Unbiased and impartial on all issues • Well informed about the purpose of the meetings and the items to be covered • A good listener who will be able to summarise the main points of discussion • Able to avoid repetition, arguments, interruptions and deviation from the matter under discussion • Well versed in the rules or bylaws of TBI • Allow for relevant debate • Able to delegate. To be an effective President, always remember to be fair and decisive and to exercise good management practices.

VICE PRESIDENT Act as President in his/her absence and assist the President andother committee members when required.

VICE PRESIDENT QUALITIES The Vice President is able to assume the Presidents role in the Presidents absence. The Vice President should also assist the President in any matters concerning the Club. The Vice President should also be able to show the same qualities as the President (see above.)

TREASURER Be responsible for the financial management of the Club Maintain necessary books of accounts and produce them on request of the Executive Committee Keep a record of all assets and liabilities of the Club Submit a financial report at all Executive, Committee and General Meetings Receive all monies payable to the Club and issue receipts as required Bank all monies within 7 days of receipt Pay all accounts as they fall due Organise the auditing of the books Present an audited balance sheet at the Annual General Meeting Act as Public Officer as required under the Associations Incorporation Act Raise any issues that may affect the financial viability of the Club Attend sign on days and beginning of season games as needed Responsible for handing over all information and be accessible to assist incoming Treasurer to ensure smooth handover.

TREASURER QUALITIES A Treasurer is someone who is the Club’s chief money handler so therefore has to be highly trustworthy. They also have to be confident with dealing with money and not be afraid to put new processes in place to aid in reporting to the Club. This person would ideally have at least a basic level of bookkeeping but this is not essential. An effective Treasurer needs to be: • Well organised • Able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the books • Able to keep good records • Careful handling of money and cheques • Able to work in a logical manner • Be aware of information needing to be kept for the annual audit • To attend meetings or at least report to Executive as to the Clubs financial standing.