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Head Football Trainer - Southern Football League

Southern Football League
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The Head football trainer ensures that the game is run safely, with timely and adequate first aid being administered to players. the Head Trainer is also involved in the recruitment, retention and succession planning of other trainers.

Duties: • Maintain current certification and keep it up to date by renewing certification after 3 years. • Provide games day medical support, this includes both pre and post-game care. • Develop/revise code of conduct associated with the medical treatment of coaching staff, officials and players. • Provide recommendation on future trainers that might be available to join the club. • Suggest a succession plan for other trainers positions that need to be filled. This includes keeping an up to date register of all current trainers qualifications and recommending what further training they might need. • Ensure that adequate medical supplies are available for game day and reorder more when necessary. • Recommend and roster on the club trainers for each match depending on their qualification and ability. • Provide reports to coaching staff on the current state of player injuries. • Have an appropriate ambulance access plan and issue this to the opposition on match days.


• For a Head trainer the minimum qualification needed is a level 1 Sports Trainer, Provide First Aid with a CPR component. • Although it is preferable for head trainers to have a Level 2 or be in the process of completing a level 2 Sports Trainer Course.

Skills: • Must have knowledge of providing first aid and providing life support and other essential information that is involved in the treatment and care of injured players. This includes basic taping, wound management, medical conditions and injury prevention/management. • Will be able to coordinate and motivate a team of trainers. • Have strong organisational and communication skills. • Need to have confidence to be able to tell players and officials what processes need to be followed.

Experience: A Level 2 certificate in Sports Training is preferable and for a trainer to be able to achieve this level they need to complete a minimum of 50 hours or 12 months as a level 1 Sports Trainer