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Diverse Communities and Social Services Australia Inc. (DCSS Australia Inc.)
Logo for Diverse Communities and Social Services Australia Inc. (DCSS Australia Inc.)

Our clients are people with psychosocial and physical health difficulties and we assist them to better manage the challenges of everyday life in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Our focus is to provide a personalised, unique and to assist those that are most in need of support, and want to change their own lives.

Our approach utilises the unique perspectives of direct personal life experiences of each of our volunteers; all who have had they're own psychological or physical challenges.

Our volunteers are people from all kinds of backgrounds who have overcome challenges and are now equipped to better support and empathise with the needs of the people we help.

Direct experience is powerful and real! it is not learnt from a textbook, and we use these experiences to better support, understand and empower those people we may help.

We have ‘walked in the shoes’ of the people we help, we understand the impacts these challenges can have, and we understand what support is actually required.

Organisation Values: Trust - Respect - Integrity - Belief - Equality

The lived experiences of our members & volunteers mean we can offer greater empathy, understanding, advice and a unique personalised service relevant to each client.

We focus on the integrity, passion and commitment of our volunteers to our organisational values whilst delivering personalised service to our clients, rather than a list of qualifications a volunteer has accumulated on their CV.

We CARE because we have been there ourselves and want to help!

We are currently looking for passionate individuals, driven to make a difference in the community we serve with skills & experience.

Also, if you want to make a difference and believe you can contribute to our organisation in an area not listed above we would love to hear from you!

Fundamental to our success is strong communication and honesty throughout all levels of our organisation. We are an Organisation that works well with great communication and honesty!