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Promoter to assist establishing an Employment Network for Refugees.

Land of Welcome Australia
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This position supports the implementation of a project designed to reduce current barriers to finding and applying for paid or volunteer jobs.

Your job is to contact these organisations, meet with them in person, gain their participation or understand and report blockers, and to assist them in implementing the proposal.

Strategy background:

When viewing resumes employers usually choose to interview people with names similar to the names of people with whom they went to school. So, many new Australians change their names so they may more easily get an interview. And that may still not be enough to get a job.

Please consider the following questions:

  1. What if new Australians could access a source of paid or volunteer jobs being provided by businesses local to where new Australians live?

  2. What if representatives of Business Advisory Groups, Chambers of Commerce, Service Clubs etc could discover a valuable role for themselves in meetings of groups that assist new Australians?

  3. What if places of worship, schools etc that represent many new Australians were to invite members of these organisations to be involved in their special celebrations?

  4. What if migrant support services and organisations set up and run by people seeking safety and freedom could use a proven system to establish these relationships?

  5. What if they could apply the effective system used by President Thomas Jefferson, author of the U.S. Bill of Rights, to attract all the people and skills he needed to build a new nation?

This model has been used in hundreds of non-profits and has resulted in raising Hundreds of millions of dollars and creating action plans.

A detailed plan of this strategy is available on request.

This strategy also leads into our strategy to volunteer in organisations set up and run by new Australians and the Integrated Strategy, Helping Two Sides become one described in our Introductory booklet.

Our goal is to:

o Build a bridge between people and organisations to reduce the challenge of finding a job, for those who have come here seeking safety and freedom.

o Develop personal relationships with new Australians by becoming involved in what they wish to do.

o Enable new and settled Australians to experience an increased quality of life and purpose working together on projects they deeply believe in whilst benefiting from world class and proven models of teamwork.

o To build a social movement where settled Australians see people who have arrived seeking safety and freedom as beautiful people no different from themselves.

o To build a friendship based community building advocacy organisation with the goal of permanently changing policies towards people seeking asylum.

o To be successful requires giving new and settled Australians benefit now. That they feel their quality of life has increased. Their meeting new friendships and making a difference in the lives of others. .

To create flexibility with other commitments you have and so you can work with a team we are advertising for five volunteers to fill this position.

Your contribution to the achievement of Land Of Welcome’s objectives will be recognized by a formal certificate of appreciation. A job well done may open new opportunities for you with people within our network who might benefit from your skills.