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Psychological First Aid & Emotional Spiritual Care provider - Emergency & Crisis support

VCC Emergencies Ministry
Logo for VCC Emergencies Ministry
  • Be part of an organisation that values their volunteers
  • Support others affected by fires, floods and other emergency events
  • Ongoing commitment – Working around your availability
  • Join the States largest provider of Psychological First Aid & Emotional Spiritual Care

About Us: The VCC Emergencies Ministry has been providing Compassion in Times of Crisis and supporting Victorians since 1977 and is being increasingly requested to support others affected by natural disasters and man made emergencies.

What we do: Provide Psychological First Aid to individuals and communities affected by Emergency and disaster events.  Provide a listening ear and compassionate care to assist them to recover from the trauma they have been though.

Once training has been completed you can be deployed as part of a team providing support following a request to us from Local Government, Department of Human Services, Victoria Police or other first responders.  When an event occurs we initially request people from the local community.

The difference you can make: Over the last 3 years we have directly supported and engaged in significant conversations with over 11,000 affected people across the state.