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Cancer Support - CanCare Program

The Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundation (PBCF)

Everyone knows someone who has had cancer and the many challenges they face. These challenges are always harder when you don’t have the support you need. With one in four people living on their own, many people find themselves in this situation.

Why not give some of your time to someone who really needs it.

As a CanCare Navigator you will be invited to attend our FREE 2-day training program where you will learn more about cancer, the healthcare system and develop the skills required for your new volunteer role.

Following the training you will use your knowledge of the disease process, the health care system, the professionals working in the health care system and the different services and resources available in the community, to support a person with cancer and become part of a much-needed support network.

The role of the CanCare Navigator is varied and depends on the needs of the person being supported. Tasks can include anything from helping organise home help, organising medical appointments, organising transport, attending medical appointments or just being there for a chat when a person need’s someone to talk to.

As a volunteer CanCare Navigator you will be supported by the CanCare Program Manager, be involved in further training opportunities offered through the Foundation and have access to the peer support network of other volunteers.

The role of the CanCare Navigator is flexible and you can volunteer at a time that is convenient for you and the person you are supporting. This is a rewarding role where your support, often for just a few hours a week can make a real difference.

For more information, please send your Expression of Interest.