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Girl Guides Unit Leader - Reservoir Ranger Guides

Girl Guides - North West Metro Region
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In Girl Guides, adult volunteers look after units of Girl Guides youth members and provide them with the Australian Guide Program. The volunteers can either be training Guide Leaders, or Unit Helpers. Darebin Ranger Guides for for girls aged 14-17 years and meets in Reservoir. During a meeting , there are usually games, a craft or skill development activity, and discussions, planning, or badge presentations. It is non-formal education, so there are not structured lessons, but each activity will involve learning and skill development in a fun way. Activities are girl-led, with the girls involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities, with the support of the adult leaders. Units meet weekly during school terms in the evening. Units also go camping and have special activities on some weekends or holidays. Unit Leaders don’t have to like camping, or be good at it, or even go on camps, though many of us do, and find them very enjoyable.

This work would suit women with a sense of humour who like being with people, and who are interested in mentoring girls. You don't have to know lots of games or craft or other skills: just be willing to join in.

No previous experience of girl guides is necessary, as comprehensive training and resources are provided.