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Community Justice and Compliance Support Officer; Case Managers and Advocates; Peer Support Officers

Diverse Communities and Social Services Australia Inc. (DCSS Australia Inc.)
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Key Responsibilities:

  • Establish the eligibility of a person on whose behalf the organisation will apply for our Community Justice Program Order/Work and Development Permit Order Scheme (Victoria and New South Wales) also known as CJP/WDP/WDO
  • Keep a record and monitor of the types of activities our organisation proposes to provide under the CJP/WDP/WDO scheme (for example, unpaid work, courses, counselling, mentoring) and advise clients accordingly
  • Estimate the end date that the CJP/WDP/WDO will be completed based on the availability of activities and requirements, which is flexible to each individuals’ circumstances for satisfaction or part satisfaction of an infringement penalty based on details of infringement or details of outstanding penalties.
  • Evidence the participation of an eligible person in CJP/WDP/WDO activities
  • Handle all collection, use and disclosure of information relating to a person applying for a CJP/WDP/WDO scheme including their consent, in a confidential and professional manner
  • Keep records of all information relating to the organisation’s involvement in CJP/WDP/WDO and report monthly on CJP/WDP/WDO client’s participation in the scheme as required under the Government program guidelines
  • Providing specialist interventions, if required and support for people within/out of LGBTIQ/ATSI/CALD and other vulnerable communities
  • Establish partnerships with other organisations and agencies to assist the clients and the organisation complete the program.