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Circle of Support and Accountability - 'Volunteer Members' Offenders Aid and Rehabilitation

OARS - Community Transitions

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Volunteer with our highly regarded Circle of Support and Accountability Program (CoSA). CoSA's aim is to assist men who have sexually offended against children to re-integrate into their individual communities. Men participating voluntary in the CoSA program will be held accountable for their self management with the aim of creating safer communities and to assist in the reduction of recidivism.

How it works: CoSA is a group of volunteers (usually 3 or 4) forming a circle around a convicted child sexual offender (a 'Core Member') . It aims to provide a supportive network that requires the Core Member to take responsibility (be 'accountable') for their ongoing self management. The practical guidance CoSA offers (such as developing social skills or helping the Core Member to identify appropriate employment opportunities and leisure activities), has shown to assist in the reduction of recidivism.

The Circle meets every week, same day, same time, same location for approximately an hour. As CoSA volunteer, you will receive initial and ongoing training, regular feedback and support (both individually and as a Circle) and ongoing debriefing as needed. We have a strong focus on proving a safe and healthy volunteer environment and you will have access to appropriate tools and resources to carry out your role.

This is a challenging role, and certainly not for everyone. If you have a mature and responsible outlook towards life, can commit to one hour a week for a 12-month period, and are ready to step out of your comfort zone, we'd like to hear from you.

That sounds interesting, what happens next? Due to the nature of the role, we have the following process in place:

  • attend an online information session (approx. 20 min)
  • complete an application form
  • attend an interview
  • participate in a training session
  • provide us with a current Police Clearance (less than 6 months old). (We can facilitate this on your behalf, at no cost to you).