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Canteen Manager - Southern Football League

Southern Football League
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The Canteen Manager is responsible for the running of the canteen on game days, this includes rostering other members of the club to assist with its operation.

Duties: • Developing & implementing a food safety plan. If one is already in place maintaining the plan so it is kept up to date. • Ensuring that all equipment is available on game day and is adequate and safe to use. • Establish a menu of items that will be sold and set prices on those items. • Confirm that there will be someone available to cover any shifts that are needed on game days. This may include designing and putting in place a roster of everyone that will be available to assist. • Account for all purchases and sales that are made for the canteen by keeping accurate records that will then be passed onto the treasurer. • To serve customers on game days during own shift.

Skills: • Time and people management skills are essential. • Have good communication skills both verbal and written. • Strong customer service skills with the ability to diffuse heated situations. • Adequate math and recording skills. • Knowledge of safe handling of food requirements

Experience: No qualifications needed however, experience in a similar role is preferred.