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Child-Safe Protection Officer - Southern Football League

Southern Football League
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The Child-Safe Protection Officer ensures that all children are able to play and grow free from harassment, abuse (psychological, psychical, sexual, emotional and neglect).

Duties: • Ensures that the correct screening processes are implemented for all club volunteers. • Clearly identify risks and dangers to children that exist in the club and correctly manage those risks. • Develop and maintain guidelines/processes that clearly outlines the procedures that need to be followed when/if a child protection issue arises. • Ensure that all of the clubs volunteers understand the importance of child protection and how implementing the correct procedures will benefit the club. This involves giving volunteers information on what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviours around children.

Qualifications: • Child Safe Officer Training is essential before commencing the role, this can be gained by completing Play By The Rules training.

Skills: • Have firm knowledge of the Children’s Protection Act 1993 and other requirements of implementing this a club level. • Understand the correct child abuse reporting procedures, this also includes the procedures that have to be followed when reporting to the Child Abuse Report Line. • Be able to identify the markers of child abuse and neglect in children. • Have the ability to remain unbiased and to deal with the situation in the correct manner.

Experience: There is no experience needed but the Child Safe Protection Officer does need to complete adequate training.