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Sponsorship Coordinator - Southern Football League

Southern Football League
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The Sponsorship Coordinator seeks out new sponsors and builds on relationships with existing ones.

Duties: • With other members of the committee set sponsorship targets for the season. • Develop sponsorship packages in conjunction with other members of the committee, keeping in mind sponsorship targets for the season. • Coordinate all sponsorship communications for each of the different areas of club. • Contact all existing sponsors before preseason to find out their interest in sponsoring again for the upcoming season. • Ensure that all sponsors agreements are adhered too, this includes sponsors signage. • Organise events for sponsors. • Maintain sponsors relationships by keeping in touch with them during the season to inform them of how the club is tracking.

Skills: • Have strong verbal and written communication skills. • Be persuasive and have an understanding what may benefit a sponsor’s company. • Are professional, organised and determined with the ability to keep detailed records. • The ability to build and retain relationships. • Have high attention to detail. • Need strong computer skills.

Experience: Experience in a similar role may be an advantage, if a candidate is not possible then a person with previous experience.